Air Photographics, Inc.

Air Photographics, Inc. ensures nondiscrimination in 
All programs and activities in accordance with Title VI  
of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If you need more 
information or special assistance for people with disability 
or limited English proficiency, contact Donald Siler at 800-
624-8993. Persons with hearing-and speech-impairments 
con contact Air Photographics, Inc. by using the West 
Virginia Relay Service, a telecommunication device for the 
deaf (TDD). Call 711 for TTY/TTD. Alternative numbers 
TTY     1-800-982-8771 
Voice    1-800-982-8772   
ASCII    1-800-982-8771  
Voice Carry-Over  1-877-298-3330  (new number) 
Hearing Carry-Over 1-800-982-8771  
Speech-to-Speech  1-866-519-0570 
TeleBraille   1-877-298-3349 (new number) 
Spanish-to-Spanish  1-800-982-8771  
Spanish-to-English  1-877-298-3348 (new service)   
900 (not toll-free)   1-900-230-7272 (new number)  
*  Some office phone systems do not work with 7-1-1.     
The above numbers are alternatives customized to 
callers’ needs.